Australis Velour lips Matte Lip Cream


Shades left to right: MI-A-MEE, TOK-I-O, HO-CHEE-MIN

These are some of the best lip creams i have ever used and when I mean ever I mean EVER!!!!
They are so pigmented it’s unbelievable and they smell like strawberries. YUM WHO DOESN’T LOVE STRAWBERRIES.
They last for hours on end, even when you eat and drink it still remains on, which is fabulous.

Ok so here are some of the cons.
So first con is that there’s only a limited amount of shades (more then what I have in the picture but limited) which makes me sad because I want more shades such as lighter tones.
2. The colours that these lip creams come in are very bold I wish that they made more subtle shades just for those days where you feel like wearing something light.
3. Like most matte lip creams you do have to moisturize and exfotiliate your lips before you use it just so you don’t get that cracked lip look when you have it on.

On the plus side I love how long these last and how pigmented they are that I will be buying more of these in the future πŸ™‚


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